Q:  Is Dirilyte still manufactured today?

  • A:  No.  Dirilyte production ended in 1986.


Q:  Do you offer refinishing services?

  • A:  No.  The company ceased offering refinishing services several years ago.


Q:  Is Dirilyte plated?

  • A:  No.  Dirilyte was produced using a solid bronze alloy.


Q:  Does my Dirilyte have the Bonded Protectant (BP) coating?

  • A:  Most Diriyte manufactured after 1961 has the BP coating.


Q:  Do you buy and sell Dirilyte pieces or replacements?

  • A:  No.  The company does not buy or sell any Dirilyte pieces.


Q:  Why are there no listings for Dirilyte polish on eBay?

  • A:  We are probably out of stock.  Check back in a few days.

Q:  Why do you sell polish only on EBay?

  • A:  Recent legislation has changed the way sales tax is applied to online orders. 
    • EBay automatically collects the correct amount of sales tax that is required by each state.

Q:  What does the Dirilyte Company do today?

  • A:  The Dirilyte Company produces awards and recognition products.

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