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Frequently Asked Questions

Dirilyte polish is the only recommended polish for use on Dirilyte flatware and holloware. It is an effective means of removing tarnish and maintaining Dirilyte products that are not treated with BP (bonded protectant) coating – generally Dirilyte made prior to 1961. Other types of chemical cleaners, waxes or polishes may harm the finish of your valuable items.




Instructions for cleaning and storage:


  • Care for your Dirilyte flatware and holloware by washing immediately after each use to help reduce exposure to such foods as salad dressing, eggs, mustard, butter, etc.
  • Wash by hand in warm water using mild detergent, rinse well, and dry thoroughly.
  • Handling each piece separately will reduce scratches – DO NOT wash in a dishwasher.
  • Avoid leaving in any solution (even water) for prolonged periods.


  • It is recommended that Dirilyte be stored in untreated flannel wraps.
  • Special chests or cloths to prevent tarnish on silver may have an adverse effect on Dirilyte.
  • Do not store products in plastic, as this will increase the probability of tarnishing, and may have an adverse effect on the optional BP coating (if applicable).




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